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Assistive Technology at EMSB


An online literacy resource published by Scholastic for primary students that pairs video storybooks with related nonfiction. In English and Spanish. Please login with your LEARN username and password.

Britannica School

All levels. Interactive, multimedia encyclopedia. All content available at elementary, middle and high school levels. In English.

Canadian Encyclopedia

Secondary. Bilingual, updated daily. Includes 40,000 articles and 6,000 interactive maps on Canadian topics. In English and French.

Canadian Points of View 

Secondary. Full-text database in English that provides students with essays that present multiple sides of current hot-button issues. 


Primary and Secondary. Bilingual video streaming from CBC, Radio-Canada, National Geographic Channel. Includes teacher resource guides. Teachers can create an account. In English and French.


Primary and secondary. Database of audiovisual resources that closely parallels the educational programs in Québec schools. All videos are indexed to correspond with the QEP. In English and French.


Database with full text access to 1400+ scholarly journals. Includes ERIC (Education Resources Information Center). English and French.


Secondary. Pedagogical projects based on 350 works from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. In English and French.


Primary and Secondary. 800+ simulations and videos about science and math. Multilingual.


For Secondary. Full-text access to more than 8,000 sources such as newspapers, magazines, journals. Relevant information from all types of media. Multilingual.

Horizon FLS

Primary and high school. Resources and teaching practices to develop the learning of French as a second language. Based on the QEP. In French. (MEES)


Primary and Secondary. Database with over 11,000 resources, including videos, games, websites, applications, and teaching tools. In French.

Inquiry Process 

A web based tool with lesson plans, videos and links explaining the research process and information literacy. For pre-school, primary and secondary. In English and French. (MEES)

Journal de Montréal

Full-text access to Le Journal de Montréal. In French. Find login information on the EMSB Portal.

Literacy Today 

A detailed website for English Language Arts teachers featuring classroom strategies, videos and explanations of concepts from the QEP. In English.

Livres Ouverts 

Annotated Bibliography of books in French (fiction and non-fiction) for pre-school, primary and secondary. Each title is accompanied by pedagogical suggestions. (MEES)

National Post

Full-text access to the National Post. Login information is on the EMSB Portal.

NFB Campus

Primary and Secondary. National Film Board of Canada. Educational videos, including films, documentaries, animations, and teacher guides. Teachers can create an account to have access to CAMPUS resource guides for more than 3,000 films. In English and French

Overdrive (Sora)

Secondary. Borrow eBooks in English, French, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. Hundreds of titles, including read-along audio narration books. Sora is the new Overdrive platform for schools

Quebec Reading Connection 

Primary and Secondary. Annotated Bibliography of books in English (fiction and non-fiction) for pre-school, primary and secondary. Each title is accompanied by pedagogical suggestions. (MEES)


E-books - restricted copyright (COPIBEC)


A resource for teachers and students from primary 3rd cycle through to secondary. Includes lesson plans, suggested projects and class activities. In French.

The Gazette

Full-text access to The Gazette as well as nine (9) regional newspapers of the Postmedia Network. In English. Extra sign in feature required. Find login information on the EMSB Portal.


Primary. Animated (with audio) picture books, puzzles, games, and videos. Titles available in English, French and Spanish.

TumbleBook Cloud

Cycle 3 Primary and Secondary. Read-along books, eBooks, graphic novels, audio books, videos. In English.


Secondary level access to 38,000 multimedia encyclopedia articles. Also contains a dictionary and world atlas. In French. Text to speech features

Universalis Junior 

For primary. 2,500 encyclopedia articles as well as a comprehensive dictionary, and world atlas. In French. Text to speech features.